To save one more helpess person by answering God`s call to feed them

가난하고 도움의 손길이 필요한 곳에 사랑의 마음을 심는...
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One Heart Love

NGO(Non-governmental organization)

As an active NGO, we are tremendously grateful for your contributions. Words are not enough to express our gratitude. Your contributions benefit our programs for children, adults and seniors in need. We are transparent about our mission. Your contributions are solely used to support peple in North Korea.


TO assist starving children, adults and seniors in North Korea.


To save one more helpless person by answering God`s call to feed them.


Pastor, Dong kyu Kim Family
Professor, Wook Rang Shim Family
Pastor, Joon Min Cho Family


Providing directly for pepole in need.

Provided daily quantity for 200ml of soy milke to 5,500 children at 10 nurseries, 8 kindfergartens and 5 elementary schools in Rason,NK.
Provided 6 tons of corn noodles every month for adults and seniors in many places throughout North Korea.
Provided 10,000 loaves of bread a month for adults and seniors in many places near the border of China.

*The above Programs have been executed since 2007 by Han Maum Bokji Hoi in South Korea.

With the funding of One Heart Love, in addition to the funding of Han Maum Bokji Hoi, 30,000 children(from more nurseries, kindergartens, and elementary schools) will be provided daily with 200ml of soy milk and at least the same quantities of noodles and bread will be provided for adults and seniors every month in addition to the funds of One Heart Love, will allow for medical check-ups for seniors in North Korea.

어떤 임원의 기도 (A staff`s prayer)

주님, 간구합니다.
불쌍하고, 아픈 사람들을 돕는데 저의 몸 헌신하게 하옵소서.
당신을 위해 사용될 제 몸을 튼튼하게 하옵소서.
저의 부족한 능력이 다른 이들을 인도하게 하옵소서.
제가 맡은 일을 잘 감당할 수 있도록 집중케 하옵소서.
주님, 북한의 불쌍한 사람들에게 관심을 갖게 하시며
도움이 필요한 이들에게 깊은 사랑을 전하게 하소서.

Lord, I ask for devotion,
Let me devote myself to helping the poor and the sick.
I ask strength of body that may be used for you.
Strength of sprirt will lead others.
I adk dedication to do my role well.
Give me Lord, concern for helpless people in NK and compassion for those who need me.

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ONG Joint Managers

Rev. Dong kyu Kim, Wook Rang Shim and Joon Min Cho